'It was so tall, it seemed about to touch the stars. At each corner was a tower. Between them, white walls glowed softly in the moonlight. At the front stone arches spanned the width of the building, one above the other, and from each hung a curtain of stone... Three rows of windows ran down the side of the building.'

The Magicians' Guild

The University is the main building in the Guild, and it was designed by Lord Coren. Inside is the Guildhall, and is where magicians teach, learn, and the Higher Magicians have offices there. The University has three levels and magicians are able to reach the roof via a portal door. The roof has a glass centre which is the Guildhall roof, and each corner has a tower. The walls are described as being seamless and covered with rivulets and ripples.

The door Handle to the roof of the University is said to be "imprinted" with Identities in a manner similar to the Blood Gems. Yet there is no word on how this occurs. There is another door that is implied to have this ability in the High Lords Residence.

The Main/Entrance HallEdit

The main entrance to the University is much more elaborate than the back entrance, it is meant to be impressive to the visitors that come to the Guild. The room is full of staircases which are made of melted and fused stone and glass which spiral up and down and around each other. Walking on the staircases produces a slight bell sound on the treads.

The Great HallEdit

The Great Hall is outside of the Guildhall. It has white walls and a web of balconies at the level on the third floor. The Great Hall has many openings leading elsewhere in the University.

The GuildhallEdit

For more details on the Guildhall, see Guildhall.

The Guildhall is over seven centuries old and was originally one of the main buildings of the Guild until they ran out of room. Instead of knocking it down they took the inside walls out and turned it into a hall.


  • The Foodhall is on the ground floor.
  • Rothen's classroom is on the second level.
  • The Magicians' Library is on the first floor, Lord Jullen looks after it.
  • The Novices' Library is on the second floor, Lady Tya looks after it.
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