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Hi I am Sheepy-Pie!

I love Trudi's work and so I made a wiki of it :) I contribute the most here, especially as I have a knack for remembering small insignificant details and I have read all of Trudi's works (Including The Mad Apprentice Novella).

My favourite characters from BMT are Akkarin, Lorlen, Dorrien, Yikmo, and Faren. My favourite AotF characters are Emerahl, Mischief, and Mirar. And my favourite book of Canavan's is The High Lord.

I did do a lot of Fan Art and these can be found on DeviantArt: . I also wrote fanfiction which you can find on under the alias of Lady Carrea:

I am currently on semi hiatus due to having a baby to take care of, but try to pop back when I can.

What I am doing next on the wiki;

  • Spring cleaning ~~underway
  • Adding new notes from my pile of collected written notes/sorting notes/adding notes

Information for me

Important Editing PagesEdit

  • Template:Main_Page/Quote
  • Template:Spoilers

Incomplete Pages which I need to sortEdit

  • Book pages
  • Main pages

To doEdit

  • ML country infobox
  • Maps/Images
    • Guildhall
    • Rooms
  • Link in orphans;

  • Sort out the article on Black Magic to be more about the use of that as magic


Code for kings;

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