My cover and pages are my skin. My binding is my hair, twisted together and sewn with needles fashioned from my bones and glue from tendons.

Thief's Magic
Character Information
Title(s) None
Nickname Vella
Gender Female
Age At least 1000
Species Transformed Human
Nationality Unknown
Current Location Unknown
Book Origin Thief's Magic

Vella is a woman who was turned into a book by the powerful sorceror Roporien the Clever for being too ambitious seeking his attention. Vella wanted to impress him, because he was famous and she wanted her friends to be envious. She was left inside a tomb on Mailand. Vella can hear the thoughts of those who touch her as a book, although she cannot alter anything from the minds she reads. When not in contact with people, she is as if blind and deaf trapped in darkness with no sense of passing time. Vella says that she cannot lie in book form. Vella has been held by many people including; sorcerors, historians, philosophers, astronomers, scientists, healers, and strategists.

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