Voice of the Gods
Voice of the Gods
Author Trudi Canavan
Release date Nov. 2006
ISBN 1-84149-388-0
Ithania Series

In her new role as protector of the Siyee, Auraya investigates when a landwalker stranger is seen in their land. She meets a mysterious woman claiming to be a friend of Mirar’s. A woman who makes an offer Auraya is unable to refuse, which she must hide or risk becoming an enemy of the gods.

As more plots and schemes of the Pentadrians are foiled, the White send Siyee into Southern Ithania to retaliate. The gods allow Auraya to accompany them, but on a condition she fears will be impossible to hold to.

In the south, Mirar enjoys acceptance and respect as he reclaims his place among the Dreamweavers. But that freedom will come at a cost. Emerahl joins the Thinkers in their search for the Scroll of the Gods at last, but the truth may not come in the form she expects. And she is not the only one anxious to aquire the secrets of the gods.

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