The War of the Gods is a battle that was supposedly fought because those of the Circle were saddened by the grief and ruin caused by gods fighting gods and men fighting each other. They decided to bring order from chaos and bring peace and prosperity to the world, releasing humankind from cruelty, slavery and deceit.

Gods who died in the war[edit | edit source]

Sorli[edit | edit source]

Sorli committed suicide and was the last God to die other than the Circle.

Svarlen[edit | edit source]

He was the God of the Sea. A statue of him is in the center of the port of Arbeem in Somrey, albeit severely weathered. He helped sailors navigate and warned them of storms.

Tempre[edit | edit source]

A fire god who bid his sorcerers to build the Toren lighthouse. Those who controlled the light wore specialized glasses with dark gems making up the lenses, to prevent damage to their eyes.

Gareilem[edit | edit source]

The God of Rock, his temples were always built high on the sides of mountains. One temple was built on the southern coast of Sennon on a rocky outcrop surrounded by sand dunes. The High Priest of the followers of Gareilem, Kimyala, and his apprentice Jedire reside here. It is possible that the temple the Siyee use was originally a temple of Gareilem.

Iedda[edit | edit source]

Iedda was a god represented by an eye ontop a body. There is a shrine to Iedda under the Sanctuary in Glymma.

Iria[edit | edit source]

She was the Goddess of the Sky, she could be called upon to predict the seasons, and would appear to warn of unfavourable weather or impending disasters.

Kem[edit | edit source]

He was known as the beggar god, his followers cared for those without homes or anyone to care for them.

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